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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Done for now - -

I  will stop here with my oil painting - - - - I finished by myself, and maybe there will be changes to make.  For now, I will let it dry  in site, while I think it over - - - -how I could do this better - - and many things about oils - - -they are different for sure.   Its magic when I watch Ray put down a brush stroke on one  of his paintings.  And last year, in June, I watched Charles Muench paint a beautiful small plein-air of a blue house here locally.   It was just beautiful work.    You have to applaud those who have gone all the way, doing all the work and studying in Oils all  they possibly can and then finding the time to PAINT, and paint steady so they can grow in their art.  Amazing dedication, and a true love for art.    I do enjoy art, but seem to go a  lot slower!   I will be out will my pastels, plein-air again soon.  I spotted a great painting that needs to happen just today as I was on my bike!!!    I do enjoy plein-air!!


  1. Ida, this turned our very nice. A very wonderful painting and full of light. I was inspired by your foray into oils and so gave it a try today. I have more work to do, but so far it has been interesting. Way different challenges. I am tired tonight.

  2. Donna , wow, can't believe it - -you got curious too? I do agree, there are different challenges, and your mind gets a bit tripped up - -does lot of chattering! Then it quiets, and you begin to paint. I still , at this point, perfer pastels. There are so many options with them, and just something about them I am interested in still. Thanks so much for commenting today!