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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

finally, a new post!

Today I want to quickly post my newest efforts in Oil.  I have my poor camera back, so I took a few pictures today to show you what I have been up to this month.   Its been cold, sunny each day, and no storms, but cold.  So I began an oil painting to do indoors so I can learn to paint in oils, and mix colors easily.     This is one I have already done in Pastel, so I am a bit familiar with it.  This time, I wanted an abstract background, but showing light and shadow.   So far I have this.

Painting the dog was fun, and seemed to flow for me----the rest, not so much!  Sure am wondering where I am going with this!  I did choose a limited palette, to make mixing easier.  I left this for about 2 days, then tried again today with the horses head and got this far.
This picture seems to have gotten a lot of shine reflected back into my camera--I did shut off  the flash.  I am painting in my home by the bay window that faces to the North.  Really nice to be at home, but I have to say----Plein-air painting is still my favorite!!!     So, as I paint more I will post and let you know how this experience is going for me!


  1. It is starting to come together wonderfully Ida! Judging from the way horse's head looks like, the rest will be spot on too! :)

  2. Thanks so much Dado!! Oils are so different! I began with watercoler, my artistic journey, and I think that and pastels and just drawing is where I will stay!! This is a bit intimadating!!! Your pastels are so wonderful, hope you really excel this year!

  3. This is going to be wonderful. So glad you are back.


  4. This is looking great Ida! Looks like you are taking to oil quite easily! Good work and glad to see you in the blog world again!