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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sept.! So much cooler, but dry - - -

I have not been out painting in almost a month!!!  Its been warm this summer, and I have been indoors, really trying to learn to make a quilt correctly!  So many methods to try.  But now as the summer is cooling a bit and the night s are wonderfully cool, I have seen a different light beginning to show things  a bit more clear.  As we get into the fall, the sen goes into the southern part of the sky and I love the light.   This is one of out summer pastures, along the river.  I was going to paint the river, but instead liked the mt/ scene as the light on the mt. was something I wanted to try to paint with some belief.    Also, foreground practise is always needed in my world.  So, hopefully this will get me out there again, getting ready for the fall color and even some snow this year, on site!!!!

This is on Senniliar Pastel card, using Turpinod for an underpainting.  Brownish board, mounted on foamcor---9 x 12


  1. I love the purple/blues in contrast with the golds of the grasses and brush. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks so much! I see you, Carolyn, have done some really nice work lately and have had a really good summer of it all. Thanks so wonderful! See you for painting soon!

  3. Hello there, your painting is cool. I love the trees. Very nice.

  4. Jessica, how nice of you to say! Its just a small piece of my world. Thanks for your comment and time!