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Friday, November 9, 2012

Finally--a few fall paint efforts to post

I have been a bit troubled  by my lack of computer knowledge, and so haven't posted in awhile.  Jane Welles, an artist from Nevada City, returned to the ranch this fall to paint.  She really loves plein-air painting, and is very good at it, so I feel very excited that she likes to come where I can watch and paint with her.   We went along the East Carson one morning, after school had started and there were less tourists in the area.  We actually found a great place  in a camp ground, with tables and  creature comforts.  The light was amazing, along with all that color.  So much for me to look at--so here is my small start---8 x 10---on Walis white with a watercolor underpainting, which helped me at least get the feel of the light.     I thought I may make changes on this--but its a good start, and reminder of a great morning--so I will leave it as is.

 Later that evening, Jane and I painted  in front of the old ranch house, in the shade, and just looked at what was close---the sun had begun to go down the huge mt. behind us, with the last of the light raking thru and hitting the locust tree at the driveway---it was amazing seeing this tree almost turn orange!   I didn't do a great job painting this, but I assure you , I learned something about light this day!!!   I didn't get pictures of any of Janes, but she painted a group of cottonwood trucks that were also hit by the light.  We had a great time!!!! Dark about when we went in.

A few days before this, I was painting with my friend from Dayton, Nev, Carol Karch--and we also had a great time.  I painted this one on the new Canson Touch--in a dk. brown shade.    It really was on interesting surface, and color to try--I will again.   Carole did a lovely painting wlso this day, which you can see on WC---we also tried an evening
painting using oils back at the house that day-----another fun experiance, light was leaving fast  but using a notan underpainting I was able to get this far in oils---9 x 12  I can go back into this one to Finnish if I choose but haven't yet.  So this is all I have done lately, and today we have snow and colder temps.    We did have a beautiful fall again this year----so wonderful its hard to believe it can be so beautiful.    Well, now for winter!!!


  1. Hi Ida, I'm glad to see your recent paintings. You really captured the light in the first and second painting - the first you did with watercolor underpainting - I agree - that helps with getting those yellow-lights! And the second one - gosh - I love your striking lights on the trees and the long cool shadows - stunning! The last two have the feeling of the end-of-day, dusk. Good job!

  2. Been wondering where you've been. Great collection of new works here!