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Sunday, March 10, 2013

I  did get out again , and do hope to more often.  Plein-air painting is really fun, and with pastels I really enjoy it.   I do plan to do more in Oils this year tho.   My friend from Dayton, Nev. drove out for the day to paint.  She chose to use Oils, and brought with her a great gift from her very artsy and inventive sister.  This time she  has invented something the Oil painters will love as Oil paint is very expensive.  Its called a Pallet Garage, and is made from arclyic and uses clove oil to keep the paints moist between paintings.   To find out more about this neat tool, go to and check it out.
I used my pastels and found a bank that still had some snow.  It was a cloudy day, very grey light which is something I need to practice anyhow, as well as close up subjects.  Its done on Senniliar pastel card, with a turpinod under painting, and is 9 x 12.


  1. Good to see your out painting. Lovely pieces you got posted here (this one and previous post)! I get good sense of light in them both.

  2. Hi Ida, I also love seeing your work and hearing about your outings. The paintings and the blog brings life to your story and your life. Good work you are doing and I will be looking forward to seeing your oil paintings as well.


  3. So wonderful to see that two of my favorite painters have been by to see if I am still working!! Thanks so much!

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