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Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 1 st , 2013
Mt's behind ranch.

This was my 4th P. A. for 2013.  I seem to be getting off at a very slow start!  This was done at 11:30 am until maybe 1 PM or there about.  Yes, it was painted when the sun was full  on hitting the whole hill and mountainside!  I never paint at this time of day as I rather like shadows in my paintings.  Two ladies, one from San Jose, and another who moved here about 10 years ago, came by and wanted to paint on the ranch.  Of course I said "Yes"!  So they actually came out 2 days in a row, at the same times.  They used watercolor, and large sheets of paper.  The second day, they had my attention and I joined them. They liked the Mt, and I found a place that was both shady and had some sun for them to paint in- - - - and I joined them.   It was fun, a very nice way to spend a day!     They also told me about an Artists Open Studio event coming up in the Carson Valley on the weekend of May 18 and 19th.   Linda Sandhagen, one of the ladies,  will be in this event.   I am sure I will go!


  1. Great that your back out there, pastels in hand! And some new painting buddies too! Nice painting to start the month with

  2. Wonderful painting, Ida!!! Love the light hitting the tree...