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Saturday, June 8, 2013

This is this morning's practice painting.   I was up early, browned  short ribs for the croc-pot, loaded my new pup , and was gone by 6:30-----still not early enough as it is really hot for the month of June this year.  I drove to Hope Valley, hoping it would be cooler!   Its at least a thousand ft. higher that the ranch.  Anyhow, it wasn't!  But it was very pretty, although the "green" will be gone early this year as we had no snow to speak of, so no water.   My new pup, Ruby, is a red boarder collie and is about 5 mos. now.  Very stubborn, but really cute.
  She didn't want to come to me in this shot, she is very independant!  So this morning, she was on a leash, and she had a good time.  I worked fast, this was pastel with a pastel underwash with alcohol. It dried fast, and gave me a good value plan to follow.   I was back home by 10 am!!!  This is 10 x 12.
I, again this year, am doing the Markleeville Plein-air painting week held now for its 3rd year, in Markleeville, Ca--Alpine County.   Alpine County is very beautiful and we are very lucky to have the gallery, and Evelyn Yonkers support and organization skills working for all the artists who attend.   I am hoping this year Evelyn herself has the time to get out and paint also!   Check out the Markleeville Gallery web-site for a list of all the artists and read about the event.   

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