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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New plein air paintings-

I have been doing a bit more plein-air lately, but had not posted the paintings.  Recently, I was painting with the Markleeville Gallery as they hosted their Plein-air week.  It was fun, and had some challenges with the weather.  One day being windy and grey, and the rest of the days , clear, but very hot---we actually had a heat wave that was uncomfortable but also drying for the area.  Sure hope we get our usual snowy winter this next time! Before the Plein-air week I went out on a local Nevada desert area that I enjoy with Oil painter Ray Freeman.  We hadn't painted together in quite a while so I enjoyed this mornings' outing.  This was at the beginning of June:

This is a place I know well as I used to love riding all over this large open desert and hope to get back out here to paint again.
Then a few days after this, I went with Carolyn Thompson from Reno, Nevada, to paint near or at Blue Lakes, California.  It was a windy morning that we chose, and cool.  So I climbed on some huge rocks in the sun and tried this scene, on a 8 x 10 piece of Uart I had  with me:
I am surprised at how  this one came out.  I could look down on the lake from here, but as its name goes, it was just "blue" so I was glad I 
chose the rocks.

The next one is a sketch I made on morning in Hope Valley before the Plein-air week started, I liked how this area looked early in the morning, facing into the sun as it came up from the east---so this is a place I went back to during the week.  The resulting 9 x 12,( and is a bit different than this sketch) is now hanging in the Gallery so I guess the practise helped.  Our paintings will hang for a month there.   We met some nice people during the event, and many really good plein-air painters were there.  I really enjoyed it this year. :
The  whole area , tho , is so different that it was last year as far as color goes,   and is a  lot drier and so we worry about fire.  When fall comes , we have such wonderful color--but this year may pass without  such dramatic color because of the dryness.  I will have to wait and see. So, thats it, Hope you are all out painting!


  1. Hi Ida! Beautiful paintings! I'm glad to see the rocks at Blue Lakes up - it looks even better than when I saw it there - Yes, the Markleeville Plein Air Event was fun. Lots of nice artists. Saw some old friends and made new friends. I'd like to do it next year too!

  2. Oh my Ida, these are so lovely. Great work. Can I have a favorite? Hope so, that top one reminds me of our lands around here and I love how you created heat and light so beautifully.

  3. Donna, great to hear from you, and thanks--I check your blog from time to time to see what your are up to.

    Carolyn, so glad you enjoyed it and also did so well. It sure can be tiring!

  4. Darn fine work, Ida! They are all just fantastic! I finally got some plein air painting done, but they are not worthy of putting on my blog.LOL

  5. Gosh--glad you stopped by Ron! You have been too busy painting great paintings for shows!
    Those trains and things take time. Hope you are having a great summer.