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Friday, November 1, 2013

 This painting is in the late P.M., looking to the north from the ranch on "Foothill - - a scene that is dramatically beautiful each day.
This is a fall scene in Hope Valley. 9 x 12

One from th summer's Plein-air event in Markleeville, painting done in early a. m. in Hope Valley

A summer sketch done in one of our pastures, late August P. M.

Theses are my most recent paintings this year.  Fall was beautiful, and long lasting in our area.  Even today, Nov 1, began as a golden peaceful day!   The shadows on the ranch where I live on the hills, across the valley, as the sun comes over the mt.s from the East are amazing in the mornings.  I will try them one day, but for now, I just love looking at them!!  I do hope to do some winter paintings with snow this year, now all we need is the snow!


  1. I've been wondering when we get to see some new paintings from ya. Lovely collection here!

    1. Thanks Ron---I have been lazy I know. But it really is hard with my new dog, she is so weird!! But she should get better - -I hope !!!

  2. I have missed seeing your paintings as well. What a wonderful collection. I love seeing the ranch through your eyes and fingers. I would love to hear about your new dog. They do require your time, but now when mine is gone that time is so empty. Enjoy every minute.

  3. Beautiful paintings Ida! Hope to paint with you soon!