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Saturday, March 5, 2016

First 9 x 12 pastel for the year.

This was a plein-air painted this January, 2016, a time of day I normally avoid painting in as the light is cool--and mostly flat.   Its everywhere, and hard to connect shapes by shadow---also the color is not as dynamic.  Its a hard time of day in which to paint.  The reason this was painted is painters from Reno drove out to paint on this sunny day in January which is usually a very cold time of year,  we had some snow but very bright skies.   It was fun, and as we normally do, we searched and searched for just the right place to paint in---could not come up with anything so I chose a familiar place thinking it would help me at least get something done.   Very interesting to paint in this light, values are so close and looked quite plain even tho its a great scene.  It is much better with those late afternoon shadows for sure.

It was  a great way to start the new painting year----So get ready everyone!  let's paint.!

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