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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2017----something new

      2017    Happy New Year   all - -- -I  haven't been painting, and I have missed it a great deal..   June 2nd,  2016 I had a mishap with my dog, Ruby, and dislocated my shoulder...  I had no idea what that can do to a person. let alone one my age!!  But I am fine,  had surgery on Dec 1st that made all the difference in the world for my problem,  I didn't hurt or tear my rotator cuff tho, just messed up some biceps and a tendon.  Sure made my range of motion impossible for a time.  I can now reach my easel in front of me,  I paint while standing and like to reach forward which was very hard to do.
      I got these two done a few days ago - -both paintings I have done before, but I thought it would get the creative juices going.   One in watercolor, and used a different way, so an experiment of sorts.   The one with the clouds this time was painted in gouche on stretched canson paper, Moonstone, in color.    Then it was finished in pastel.  I had done these both a few years ago so it was fun to do them in way different mediums and also techniques.  The old barn painting is in watercolor, was our old barn and is gone now.




  1. IDA; I LOVE YOUR Jan. Pastels. Hope your shoulder continues to serve you well. Happy painting year.

  2. What a nice surprise! Yes, I will paint - -and improve my shoulder, too I hope. Thanks.