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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Out doors in! April under the willows.......

Finally I got out there again.  This time in one of the fields on the ranch in Diamond Valley,  this spot shows the water coming along Indian Creek, then an irrigation ditch takes from the creek.   Yes its Spring--even tho we had snow a few mornings ago!  The grass is trying to grow, and soon the nights will be up to 40's and 50's for the over night low and all things will be growing everywhere!   This one was a bit hard for me, with all the water reflections and the many willow trunks and the dappled light effects going on----I do hope you can get the idea here.    Took about 2 hours of pure confusing fun!   Dogs were swimming, and hunting, and ducks were going over head, quaking.  Its a great place in the mornings, a huge field and all the piece and quiet you would need.

Here are a couple shots I want to share with you all,   This was the last time I did an indoor pastle at the house in Dutch Valley,  and I try to use the kitchen for painting with Pastel as its easier to clean up in there.  I have a hard time with lighting there and I think thats why I love going outdoors to paint.  Here, My mouser is looking over the color choices!!!!  He chose a  blue, pushed it out of the box and wanted to roll it around on the floor.  He has got all the mice and is bored!!!    So, You guessed it, I had "blue" to sweep up  and cry over.   Stupid cat!!!!


  1. Your painting sparkles with light! And your kitty looks like mischief!

  2. Carolyn, where have you been? Painting, I hope! Yes, My little cat broke a great blue pastle and got into heck!