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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rocky bluff update

Today I am posting my recent trials on learning to Paint!    I have done a pastel of the rocky point I am going to paint in the studio in Oils.    The Pastel is  on a piece of foramcor that I put a surface of fine pumice ground,  I did the painting in plein-air one morning and wasn't really happy with the surface really.  But it is lightweight,  and easy to put in your backpack.     2 hours in to this, this is where I was.
  And then this is how far I am on my block-in on the Oil -

                        Now I am  letting it dry so , I can  then go into it and learn how how to do all that---I will use retouch varnish, by Damar, as my medium is by Daniel Smith and is with Damar Oil-        Now I can  think about the changes I would make or how I would finish this.   Interesting for sure.

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  1. I like the zoomed-in version of the rock in oil. Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.