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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oil finish, and May 2nd. Plein-air

I worked this afternoon, on finishing my Oil painting.  I was not too sure how to do it, and I was alone. That's not so good sometimes!  But I tried.  I have been reading all I can find about this stuff, so I thought I could at least finish it!  But as I worked, I found many more questions than I had answers.   Using the same palette of colors, this is where I stopped.  Not exactly what I had in mind----but I am sure it will come with more work, thinking, and trying.

Earlier this morning, I was at the Dutch Valley ranch, where we live.  We spend so much time at the Home ranch, on Foothill Road in the Carson Valley, that I do miss being here.   The summer greens will be so hard to handle that I am trying to get a jump on that by starting with the spring green shades----it has been so cold here it really seems like spring is behind!  It was sunny today,  so out I went.   This spot is only maybe 100ft. from my kitchen door.     So this is where I started from.   I was here about 2 hours, and I used a moonstone colored Canson Paper that was mounted on matboard.  I drew in my composition with the # 244 Nupastel and washed it with alcohol.  It dries very quickly, and the paper stays flat as it is mounted to the mat board.    Then I went in with the local colors, and tried to get a fresh look.

How do you think it worked out?    There, as usual,  is so much more to consider than meets the eye when you begin!!    I was surprised that the willows still haven't gotten their greens yet, but as I said, its been cold here, and very windy.  Today was nice and sunny, yet I froze toward the ends of my efforts!!!!    Still--Plein Air is the most fun of all.
This one is big, much more than normal.   Its 10  x 14-----I will be going back to the smaller sizes, but I like to go big once in a while.  I will do this again in this location----I am not sure the compostion is as good as it could be.  Remember, Its all Work!!!  but fun.


  1. Your oil painting is really neat. Makes me want to go out and buy some. I used to paint in oil 30 some years ago. Your pastel is fresh and you really get the textures of the grasses and willows. I still want to join you someday for plein air-ing!

  2. Yes indeed, please plan to join me!!!! Thanks for your comments.

  3. I like how your oil turned out! It has an Ann Templeton, abstract look to it. Your plein air is nice too. I havent got out to plein air in quite sometime... weather has been brutal for this time of year.

  4. Boy I agree on the weather!! Look at Tennessee! Makes you wonder what Paula Ford is going thru!! Thanks Ron , for your comment--Still not sure about oils!