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Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16th struggles, Plein-air outing

Today I was back out in the meadow that we lease to try and capture the trees and the light of the morning.  I walked around a bit, looking at all the wonderful elements of nature out there, and the colors.   Trees are inspiring to me, and so difficult to get across the feeling I would like to get in them  With my dogs, and all my stuff, I set out to try once again!This area seemed to show the largeness of the trees shooting up into the sky without to much other clutter to arrange.  These also had sun hitting from the right sides, and shadows on the ground, so maybe , just maybe I could do something with this.  Been told on W.C. website that they aren't as dark where they reach the sky as I have been making them, even when in silhouette.  I have also been reading my John Carlson's landscape painting and admit I don't always understand what I think I understand.  Best way to handle this to get out there and paint!This were I set myself, still thinking to keep it simple, ( KISS)---Means.....keep it simple, stupid!---I began, after doing a notan in my sketchbook, then a simple pastel underpainting washed with alcohol.  Both dogs kept watch, feeling very bored I am sure.  When dry, taking only moments, I began with the local color---9 x 12 white wallis---next time canson!
Hope you can see this!   Anyhow, not the best---but still trying!


  1. Very nice! Your trees are gorgeous and I like the loseness of the ground plane. Keep up the good work!

  2. I like the lighter values you used for the tops of the trees. So many things to paint right out your backdoor. My dog has turned into my plein air buddy.... I see you have a couple painting buddies yourself.

  3. Thanks so much, both of you--Carolyn and Ron---you two are great. Which you were here to paint with once in awhile! I am not happy with my tree efforts and will be sooon trying again. I can't even sleep at night! Yes, my dogs go everywhere with me. It has turned windy late today--so I will do some studying before my next PA!!!!