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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wind and cold-- indoor work-

  The end of March has gotten rough, so I thought some indoor work was in order.   I drew this from a photo of my big gelding, Pine's Poco Amor.   He is a quarter horse, but is 16.3 hands high!!  His saving grace is that he is short-coupled, making him easy to ride as he collects well.  Not the smartest of horse, yet very kind.So, I drew him in Pencil, to understand all the values I was seeing.   I thought, maybe I will try to be very realist with this one.  I am usually trying to be "Loose"  but this time I thought I would satisfy my "detail" mode.  So, I chose a 300 lb. watercolor paper and put the drawing onto that.  Then loosely painted with watercolor the background wash.   After that I used a " Giselle" method, and painted the horse head's values with watercolor in violet tones-----Then used the pastles to finish.

I did use pastel pencils when I began, thinking I would really try for detail.  Alas, I don't think I pulled that off.  I don't think I am the fussy kind!  Values seem to be what I see the most, and the details are mind-boggling!  Anyhow, It was a great way to experiment, and really see where I am with this art " Thing"   I really think I love Plein-air most. followed by, I guess, animals--and then, whatever catches my fancy!   I am still experimenting and trying to learn.     We call him " Switch" for his nickname.


  1. Great job in both. I don't miss the detail in the painting. Your painting doesn't really need every hair drawn. You have nice detail in his eye and muzzle, with really are the points of interest anyway!

  2. Wow, thanks Carolyn! My horses are driving me crazy. I really need to make a decision on them soon. All I can think about is that poor colt of mine. He is a dear, too, but will only get worse--saddens me so. Keep in touch!

  3. Hi Ida, you are doing wonderful work. I love your plein air paintings and also the nice commentary on the day. You say that "March has gotten rough". Yes, rough is an apt description for this time of year. Hope you can get out soon. I will keep checking back.