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Monday, June 21, 2010

Last of this winters Snow!

Raymond Peak from Airport

This morning , after feeding my 2 calves their bottles I again loaded up the 4 dogs and drove out to look for a great spot to Plein-air.  I had noticed a lot of good spots to explore while driving yesterday.  After stopping a huge dog fight on the front seat of my car, we headed for the Markleeville airport.  Its a quiet place, no buidings, no planes, no body!!  But great trees, and color and a good view of two of our best mountains.  This is one of them, but I do admit my drawing is off a bit.  I was happy just to be doing a snowy topped mountain, but agast at all the other stuff!  I tried to make a compostion that would lead your eye up to the peaks, and snow, yet help you to also linger and explore the other area's.   This was about 2 hours, on Wallis Beligum Mist mounted to foamcor,   9 x 12.   I like the grey color of this paper, sanded at 400grit.  There was no wind this am, very quiet except for one car who came by to talk.   The elderly couple were camping in their airstream and noticed me.  When I answered his question about the choosen medium, he then told me of a Master Pastelist he once knew.  And judging by all he knew about him, they must of been friends.  I will now look up a pastelist by the name of Herman Margulies and see what I can learn. 


  1. Beautiful painting, and the airport - never thought of it before, yet, that is an open area with big views. I'll have to remember that!

  2. Yes , I never thought of it before either!! I need to be away from hwy's when I have all the dogs with me. I did look up that pastle painter I was told about, and darn, he WAS a master pastleist! I found interesting things about him just by googleing the name, plus a video! Very intersting indeed. How's it going with you?