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Saturday, June 12, 2010

New project

I haven't been on my blog for awhile, but I have had art projects coming along.  I have been drawing, and planning.  Its easier for me , on some projects in studio work, to do a full drawing working out the values and getting the drawing as good as I can.  Also , the composition and the size I think it needs to be.  Then, when the problems are worked out, I can use my own drawing, traced onto whatever support  I want and it is my  own artwork.  I mostly always use my own photos, if its not plein-air work, although I did use an artists' from Denmark Photo when doing Lucas---She knows about this, and its not for show or sale, I just wanted to try it.  Getting a good photo of such a close up face isn't easy and you must also learn good photography.   So, when trying artwork there is a lot to learn!
  Also, the Carson Valley Days is this weekend, along with an Art show.  I took 2 things down to it, but this is not a juried show , just for sales.  I did this just to see how my things looked next to the other mostly local artists in the area, and to visit with them,  I actually went to the reception. This is something I rarely do, as I  hardly go to town!  It was nice and I saw a lot of good work!  Some from Ladies I know, and they are improving and enjoying the journey as am I.
     This is today's project.  I need to learn how to use my Digital to take good pictures of graphite drawings as this isn't accurate.  The paper is pure white, soft, Veleta by Legions paper.   It large, also, and completely my own drawing.  No use  of  any sort of projector, or anything like that.   I did use a simple grid of triangles to locate things in the interior of the drawing, and to get the large shape.
                 I plan to do this in pastel soon, and trying to decide what support to use, and if I want an underpainting.  I like the UArt, and also Canson papers----So I will just think on this.

This is also a recent pastel, from the Dutch Valley ranch we have.  I was taken by the clouds and shadows here this day.   So this is some of what I have been doing in between the cattle and company  and all.  I also have more ideas for artwork!!  So little time for it all, and its cold here again!! With wind.  But things are looking up.


  1. This is going to be a great paintng! Heck, its already an awesome drawing. Really like the subject and story it tells. Glad to see your making the trip to civilization and show your work. I have started entering local shows as well, but have not won anything as of yet. But I am competing with pros like Mike Beeman! Who is a great guy, by the way.

  2. What a wonderful drawing! You are so talented. I like your Dutch Valley painting too - the clouds and distance is great. You put a lot of thought and care in the preparation of your drawings and paintings - I agree that is a great way to get the best you can out of it.

  3. Hello Ron, and Carolyn! You two are just great! Always so nice to see that you have been here. Ron, I am glad you are planning to show some things----I had to wait until I was ready, its hard, but fun. I would love to meet both you and Mike Beeman! I love his work, its so looses and wonderful. You and I have a ways to go, but WE WILL GET SOMEWHERE! Carolyn also, as she works so hard, and does beautiful things freely as well as repesentional pieces. thanks.