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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Plein-air again!

Indain Creek  Resivoir lake

Today I was determined to get back into a groove and go out in the AM to plein-air.  I love my Heilman Box, and my 1/2 french easal and want to use them!     I feed now 2 baby bummer calves at about 7 am, then loaded my little car with the dogs,  (4)-- and headed to the camp ground at Indain Creek  Resevoir.   It was a sparkly sunny morning, just wonderful.   I found an area where no one was, and tho I could hear and see people this fine Father's Day morning,   we were alone.   People in small boats on the lake, and did look interesting---but maybe next time.    I decided on the far end of the beach and lake and hope I did it justice!!   The violets and greens and sages and oranges were so pretty-----along with that blue sky color the lake was reflecting, with the sun sparkel!!       This picture, tho, is not the correct porportions and I am not sure why!


  1. This is beautiful. When I clicked on it, it was then shown as a rectangle! I wonder if it is your new blog template? It looks nice, by the way.

  2. Ida,
    I like your blog and find your paintings of NV (?) great! The area that you are painting is representational of the part of Montana that I used to live in. It is a challenge to do plein air...just from getting things packed up and going to the place you want to paint. I like to get out and paint, but often find that taking a lot of reference photos and then working them in the studio space is more time efficient! But I always like to take my supplies when we go out for a drive or on a road trip somewhere and then stop and do some impromtu painting!
    Are you near the Reno area? I like that country. One time we met some friends for a weekend in Jackpot and drove down into the JarBridge (sp) area...pretty deep canyon with streams and lots of aspen and the coolest rock formations. I painted alot of from reference photos of that area. It was Oct and some ranchers were moving their cattle up and out of the area to winter pasture. I didn't get any photos of that, but it was a great visual of about 200 head of cows being trailed up a pretty steep road to the high sage brush dessert just south of Twin Falls.
    Anyway, I enjoyed your posted the cat one!