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Monday, July 12, 2010

New Plans----

 These last 2 weeks I have been going out to plein-air regularly,  in fact everyday!  I have many sketches in my sketchbook, and many on-site notes drawn.  Trying to solve the many problems before I spend 2 hours stumbling thru with all the wonderful colors!   My friend from Dayton was here on the 9th, and we drove to Charity Valley , which is above our well known Hope Valley on Hwy 88.  We spent a wonderful around 3 hours, after walking around and looking at the scenery, on our paintings.  It was great, no one around except mosquitoes,  a great place to work with log tables for our stuff, and we drove right to it!!  Still----maybe too wonderful, if you know what I mean!!!  All that amazing spring green!!  I have to re-work my effort, Or toss it!!
So, the next day, I was out again very thoughtfully looking at the landscapes before me and making sketches in my sketchbook.  AND  re-reading John Carlson's book, which, by the way along with Edgar Payne's', are the best books for explaining all the things you go thru learning to Plein-air paint!!!!!   The above cow is from a photo I took of our cattle in the meadows at the Diamond Valley ranch.  She is a Hereford.  Well, some of her,  She really is a cross-bred with a lot of Gelvhich, too.
So----back out there doing skethes and planning places to set up my easal for actual work.   Oh----one of my plein-airs sold this weekend.  I have  a few in a local gallery.
They are small---about 7 x 12---and matted nicely, but not framed.  It didn't sell for a lot, of course, but its incouraging!  I bring the remaining works that don't sell home on July 31st.   Its a good experiance, and the first time I have done this!!  Well---back to the drawing board!

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  1. Congratulations on your sale! That is great! Thanks for the heads-up about mosquitos up in the valleys. I may be up there this Saturday. Great sketch of the cows too!