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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This A. M.---back at Plein-air

Out in the front Yard.. 7-8  a.m.

I thought I had an appointment today to help an artist friend who lives nearby.  I wanted to paint, and thought I would try a small plein-air to see if I could!!  The Morning light across the Carson Valley is amazing at times.  The sun just coming over the distant mountains seems to have a hazy yellow cast as it goes up to a soft blue sky.  The far mountains are so blue!! Especially toward Carson City, to the north.   I sat my easal up in the front yard, under a huge spruce tree that was planted about 100 years ago, and yes I know who by and approximately when!  I didn't finished the fence in front of the metal grainery----ran out of time----and was mainly trying to match each color out there as I saw it.   This is on Canson paper, pink, and mounted to an archival board.  This is a favorite scene, and so I will be doing it again, in different ways.    I hope I am back again with the every morning plein-air!!


  1. Wow! Good for you - 7:00am! Did the calf start eating on her own? I love the distant valley and mountains you captured.

  2. Your dedication to plein air painting is inspiring. I feel like a slacker, compared to you! LOL . Your doing great. I really like your cow drawing as well.

  3. Thanks Ron and Carolyn-----I plan to do the cow in pastel soon, or this winter sometime. I will have alot of projects to keep me busy!! Drawing is always important and worth doing, I would rather do that than watch movies or TV! Besides, I need all the practise I can get!! Both You, Ron, and Carloyn inspire me!! between us 3 a lot of art gets done!