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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where I got too today!

I  began early this morning as its so much cooler in my old garage working place.  I tried to think my way thru this, to get the right color and value with out covering all of my underpainting.   The old Grumbacker's are sure nice to use on this hard surface, and I plan to finnish the ground with the soft Terry's.   I still have her face, and eye to do---and face-shadows.   The calf in the distance is fairly finnished----I need to think a lot on the ground work----I mean the foreground shadow----and the whole ground cover, including strokes!!!!  So until tommarrow  A M  I am at this point.


  1. Coming along really nice! Great light.

  2. Thanks Ron---What have you been up too?? Painitng, drawing or planning?? Hows the family? Hot in Wyo. this year?