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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A week of rain---and indoor work!

A week of rain and lightening with thunder drove me indoors.  I know I should buck up and paint on these types of day, but it was a soaking rain!  Maybe next time.  I had made a few surfaces this summer, and they were waiting for me to do something with them.  I should be making a quilt, but alas----pastels are more fun!!  So, with  3 photo's taken in the spring of a wonderful meadow on Hwy 4, early in the a.m. I began doing thumbnails to see what and how I would put this together.  And what would be the most important?  I am trying a 3-spot comp., and I think it works.  I hope so.  Trees and greens are so hard for me, and I didn't do many trees this summer.  So in this one, I addressed both.  Using an 8ply Matt board in off white, then putting gesso and pumice on top,  drawing with charcoal, then using a watercolor under painting in purples and oranges, this is what I got done.  I put this on WC--then saw a few things I wanted to fix---and this is where I will let it stop.I hope the color is right----The blues tend to look bluer in Digital and over take things when in real life its not so that way.

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