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Thursday, March 29, 2012

I believe Quits are art, too

This beautiful quil was made by sister,  Ardy Schacht, who lives in Yerington, Nevada.  She works so hard on these, and putting together the patterns and the colors are an art form all its own.  This is a sampler quilt, which means it has a sample of various blocks instead of a pattern using one block.   It has a very home-spun feel to it.  I just love it!!   Here is a picture of Simba checking it out.

He seems to think its swell, but he isn't laying on it for a very  long time, if ever!  Now I feel I need to work hard and make a quilt, also.  So many projects, and idea's and so little time!


  1. Artistic ...she is! Beautiful quilt. Years ago, I started a became a needs a lot of patience which I "wish" I had! Again, congratulations to your sister.

  2. Thanks so much for comenting!!! Quilts are fun to make, but more fun to cuddle under! or look at and dream!! I am working on one now, she has gotten me inspired too!!