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Friday, March 16, 2012

Value, Contrast, and color---on Suede Matboard

I have been wanting to do something different than landscape, and since the weather has finally decided to do something itself I stayed in and practised my drawing.  I love to draw with just pencil - - -but do get in a hurry and don't make wonderful finished pictures this way - - --I love color to much!!!   It seems I can't wait to put them into color so this is a value map and helps get the color so much easier.   I decided to use a different type of surface which does not allow for underpainting.  This is suede matboard, in a reddish brown violet color.  I used a white Seral paper to get my drawing onto the board.

I then began to block in with colors and values.
It did seem to take a while for me to feel comfortable and get going on this.  Judging the colors on this color of support was not easy it seems.  Maybe as it was close to the colors in the cat itself.     And here is the little nosey cat watching to see what is going on!

I thought I would let things  simmer day a day or so, and think about how to get where I wanted to be a little.   How much in dtail, how about the darkness in the background---??


  1. This is looking great! I can't wait to see it done. Is that your cat sitting on your pastels? She will have a colorful bum!

  2. Nice job on this Ida! Great WIP, and I just love that beautiful window. It sure looks like you get great light to paint with, and yes, your kitty will be very colorful after snuggling with your pastels!