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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Plein -air this mid-morning

Using a new board by Canson,(  New to me)  in the twlight tone,  I planned to try this spot in plein-air today.  Its the mountain stream that always runs down the mountain, and its one of my favorite places because of the big tree.   My thought was to try and improve on my forground work, and while you can't paint every grass, you need to try at at least show the feeling of it - -- the light hitting it maybe - - - -  I struggled, but feel I did take away someting to learn from.   This paper is mounted, but they put the textured side out to paint on - - -I have grown use to painting on the smooth side and this took  some getting use to.    I bought a lot of it, so I will have to practise a lot more!!!!  Its going to be an early spring - -and maybe a hot summer so I need to get going!!!


  1. I love the warm colors in this - very pretty! How do you like Canson board so far?

  2. well, Carolyn, its nice to have it as a board surface, easier to put up on my easal. Its that manufactured texture that is hard to get past---but you can and I will!! I have a lot of this board, from D. Smith's, and I had to buy 4 to get the sale price and one for free. They are huge, like to big for a flat file drawer even. Well, lots to practise on!!! I thing good for perspective paintings. And on this, the gold grasses are the compliment of the board color and really show up.