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Friday, September 17, 2010

From a drawing to pastel

Earlier this summer, I did a large drawing from a photo I took of my Nephew and his dog, Sage.    He had just brought a few head of cattle from one of the ranches to the other.   It was late fall, and sun was  getting low.     I wanted to do it again in Pastel----and I thought I would think it over for awhile. Also, learning  to paint in Plein -air was pretty much on my mind this summer!   I finally chose a piece of Moonstone  Canson  to try and paint the scene I wanted.  I may again try it on Uart----I am not sure.   I thought I had turned to the smooth side for my work,  it actually seemed that both side had a texture, so I decide not to worry about it and began.  I worked on it for about 4 days, and today I deemed it done.    In evaluation,  I am not sure of it.   Good to have this experience, tho and I may do it again------maybe even in watercolor.    I have a lot of other reference shot to work on as well, of scenes like this on the ranch.    Here is today's effort.
I call it "   Paying the help"   and its a small moment between the cowboy and his best help, his dog.   It is a full sheet of Canson,  which is a good size.   


  1. Ida, this is beautiful. You did a wonderful job. In your future watercolor rendition, you might want to deepen the horse's and dog's shadow on the ground where they touch the ground a tiny bit to "sit them down". The shadows can fade going to the left. But don't mess with this one, I would leave it - it has a lovely silhouette look to it.

  2. Thanks so much , Carolyn----I will definatly darked those shadows----it was also a comment on WC. How was your workshop!!!! I will check your blog again--gotta cook now! Thanks!