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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Third try at Plein-air old car of sorts

Well, up early to do my few chores, and get back out to try and paint this old relic again. I set myself up with a different angle today, and I planned to really work hard at getting the drawing right.    I measured carefully, and re-measured----and I used a white piece of Richeson's Premium pastel paper, cut to 9 x 12.   I planned to use watercolor over the drawing, a sort of value plan  and when dry, finished with pastel.   Sounds like a good plan, right?-----I think the drawing, which I done in pencil, was good---well, as good as I can get it!  ,  But better----So I went ahead with the w/c, and I rather liked that.
This is my scene for today----So much to see when you get to looking!   See the flowers in front of the front wheel?  That looked good, now if I could get it.  Instead of trying the whole car, maybe I should of used a viewfinder, and did a portion of it?  Maybe one day!  Tried to remember Lorenzo's lesson on the color of the shadow, which with the warm morning light , would be cool----cool sky color mixed with the ground color---opposites!  Warm light/cool shadow----and for evening light it would be the opposite.    High noon would be a cool light, and maybe no shadows!   Anyhow, I digress.
This is where I stopped today--from 8:30 am to 11:00!!   And, I am still as fudled as ever.  I asked why the radiator was up so high, and was told it was a replacement that didn't fit.  I can see that!   Honestly there is so much to see when you panit out doors---And this is sorta up in your face, and you want to get every rusty thing!   There are dabs of green, the only paint left as it was once green.  No rubber for wheels,  its been here a while!  The kids that used to ride in this with their parents are in their sixty's now, and their mother just passed away last year at 100!!! Amazing.    Its been a good lesson----and I will think and think on it, but I need to try something else now.   Maybe the rabbit brush on their own somehow.  Its everywhere now, and in its glory!   This has been enough of a struggle, now for something fun!

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