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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

setting an outdoor challenge for Myself

Yesterday I thought, Its time.  Time to try and paint the yellow sage brush that blooms each fall.   I walked thru it, looking at how it grows, and the light in the morning touching it from all angles---and the colors of the light in fall.  Amazing blues, contrasts everywhere, and those yellow flowers.  But I do have such a hard time with flowers!  So, I had to slow myself down a bit instead of jumping right in.  There is an old car, a sorta station wagon-utility vehicle from the late 30's early 40's parked in the brush with yellow sage around it.  It once was green, and even pulled a horse-trailer!  So hard to imagine because it is so small compared to today's auto's for that job.  Now this isn't going to be pretty---I am sorry, bare with me!   But I decided to paint this thing every morning untIl I can get something I like!  It won't be easy for me, there is drawing of a car involved!  And then those darn brushes, and foreground....and all.     I bucked up, and began.   I drew the first one site-sized----by measuring with my charcoal pencil---and trying to get things located in relationship with each other.  It was fun---and good practise and hard!!!  Its on White Wallis, with a Nupastel #244 underpainting and drawing.  8 x 12, and here's how it ended.

I sorta thought it was worth the time----sure helped me with seeing everything---and I saw so much!!   I began leaving things out, but getting the brushes I wanted.  Measuring the windows, the vacant place the engine was, the grill, and there is a radiator still there.  All sorts of stuff!!    I sure hope the next days effort would be better!    But alas....that was not to be so.This is the second days work.  Its on Wallis Belgium Mist, and about 9 x 12,   I worked a bit closer this time to the car, and tried to measure more carefully using the #244, and washing down with alcohol for the shadows and dark area's.   Of course , I saw more this time, like broken windshield, and more of the green color that was left( there is not to much of that!)  its so rusted.  I like the green remaining on the old front grill.    Well, I have plans to try again tomorrow with a different method----but still trying to be better at the drawing.  Its a fun challenge, and takes about 2 hours, and is right here at home--no driving.   I feel a bit braver about the drawing part now--and maybe how I want to end up  We will see how far this goes----until the flowers are gone I guess.


  1. What a fun subject! Even though you were intimidated, you did great! I like your second one very much. The Belgian Mist provided you with a good medium value and the shadow of the rabbit bush looks more realistic. Your yellow flowers were suggested without being overdone. I am going to be doing rabbit bush plein air today too - they are really outstanding right now. I haven't painted them since Lorenzo's workshop last year at your place! I'm looking forward to doing it on Kitty Wallis, since I wasn't very successful with Canson paper.

  2. Hello Ida. Wonderful Chimesa! You have succeeded in creating its essence. Yes, we also have chimesa and it is blooming. I keep trying to paint it and not getting any success like you have. You will serve as my inspiration!

  3. Thanks for the nice words, CArolyn and Donna---but this was harder than I am ready for! The rabbit brush is so pretty, and I am making it so
    hard! I will try it alone now, and see how that goes! Thanks for checking in!