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Friday, September 24, 2010

Yellow sage is blooming wildly everywhere! Its Fall!

Up fairly early this morning to get out there and try the Fall rabbit brush that grows all along the hillside above the ranch.   Lorenzo Chavez  painted from here last fall.  He had the workshop in Hope valley that I attended.  It was wonderful, but it had cooled off about that week---so that Wednesday, we all came to the ranch to paint and warm up!!  All we had to offer was the yellow sage brush.  Lorenzo's demo just wonderful,  he was able to make us really see that the  shadow contained so much of the sky color, a cool blue.   He had lain down a white paper that showed this so amazingly.  I was in the same area, but choose a different composition.  I may not have done so well in the comp. department!   Above is my work on  my easel.  My BestBrella has sure been a good tool this past week!
This is where I will leave it with just a little changing in the studio.  I used Sennilair's Pastel card, in a brown ochre color and that was nice---a bit different for me for plein-air.  Its great, tho, for close-up detailed work so I did send for some more to keep using and see what I can do with it.    I want to used a watercolor under painting for this subject tomorrow!


  1. Interesting shapes and dark masses and very abstract looking. I look forward to seeing what you do next.

  2. Thing is, I am afraid, that I seemed to put that drk rock very near the center of the whole thing. Oh well, this painting isn't going anywhare! Just a learning project. I have other plans, and I am curious to what I will do next, too! Thanks, Carolyn!